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Ivan Petrovski is a Travel and Landscape Photographer whose vision is to capture one-of-kind moments that will inspire people for generations to come through a camera lens. Above all else, he strives to create positive change and make this world a more magical place than when he first entered it.

It all started when he received an analog camera of his own over a decade ago. Fast forward a few years, and Ivan began dabbling in digital photography. From that point onward, he and his camera have been inseparable. To him, photography isn’t simply a profession, it’s his ultimate creative outlet and purpose in life. In addition to his six years of professional experience and a lifelong passion for his craft, this hardworking creative mind has won multiple photography contests and two of his drone videos about Skopje’s (his city of origin) pollution crisis have gone viral on television media outlets.

Don’t hesitate to contact with any inquiries.